Miami: where is the best pasta?

Miami, a few degrees above the Tropic of Cancer. Here the variety of ethnic and cultural groups no longer counts, but the spoken languages ​​are counted: more than 100. It will be peaceful cohabitation, clouds that look like cotton candy, the breeze or the mild weather for most of the year , but landing in Miami means immediately becoming infected with the relaxed local mood: away from the stress, you want to never leave again.

Miami is fusion, for people, cultures and food: everyone brought the kitchen here from their homeland, for example the Italian restaurant in Miami. There is no place in the world where the Italian restaurant in Miami is not appreciated. This is why the gastronomic sector represents an important resource for our economy, not only to be exploited on the territory, but also outside. A good, in short, to be exported. The flavors, colors, the tradition of our food and the accurate preparations made by the expert hands of our chefs make everyone envy.

And it is no coincidence that Mediterranean cuisine has been elected as the best ever. Everyone, wherever they are, are willing to pay (even a lot) to taste Italian dishes. If you can not renounce Italian cuisine, even here in Miami we can help you: we will tell you where the real Italian restaurant is located in Miami, those in which Italian is not only the name but also the chefs and chefs. You can find the best pasta in Miami at Osteria Baiocco.

The menu of the Italian restaurant in Miami is truly unique, and more than 70% of our products, both in the kitchen and in the dining room and in the bar, are imported, coming directly from the best Italian selections. The only exceptions, of course, are for products that need to be taken and served fresh every day, like some meats and vegetables, for which we stock up here in the United States.